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Interactive Learning:
Research Simulations in Java ! Highly Recommended.
Art and Screen Savers in Java - Nice
More Java applets - OK
Distance between points on earth given latitude and longitude - Popular
Videos of my camping trips in western USA - Will add more.
Multiple choice quiz in chemical ecology
Multiple choice quiz on insects
Multiple choice quiz on semiochemicals
Fun with Probabilities
Fun with Combinations
JavaScript: Sampling Statistics and simple Simulations
JavaScript: Useful calculators, conversions, calendars, timers
JavaScript: Learn Swedish/English and dictionary

Research on Insects:
Illustrated papers in Chemical Ecology by John A. Byers Photo tour of bark beetle research in Norway spruce and Scots pine forests in Sweden (before 2002) Photo tour of agricultural insect research since 2002 in Arizona Byers publications

Free Software:
Absolutely free software for Scientific/Biological applications - compiled QuickBASIC, so need shell to DOS Absolutely free software for Educational/Teaching applications - compiled QuickBASIC, so need shell to DOS Absolutely free software (Miscellaneous) - compiled QuickBASIC, so need shell to DOS

Databases and Information:
about 4700 bark beetle citations with key words, 1970-2000
about 3275 J. Chem. Ecol. citations with key words, 1974-2000
about 11,448 insect pheromone citations with key words, 1970-2000
Science Citation Index ratings of scientific journals 2000
Papers on bark beetle ecology by John A. Byers
Javascript search of J. Chem. Ecol. papers to see trends
Draw moth pheromones and see which species use them, Data from Pherolist 2000
Based on your citations an algorithm determines your lifetime productivity rating
Some forest pest insects, but not many
Volatility at various temperatures of many common chemicals
Polarity of many common solvents used in chemical ecology and chemistry
Ecological Methods developed and published by John A. Byers
Calculates the trends in your publication records Calculates h-index and fa-index from citations of your papers
Electronic circuits developed and published by John A. Byers
look cross-eyed and you may see stereo from the paired images
barely developed plant protection course material
Images of brief work in Texas and then move to Arizona job in USDA-ARS in Jan. 2002

click on Sweden or USA to see Map
Links to Science, Biology, Entomology, Weather
TOP Science Web Sites !
International Society of Chemical Ecology
Journal of Chemical Ecology Chemoecology Pherobase
Journal of Chemical Ecology Chemoecology U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center, USDA-ARS Texas A&M, Vinson Lab

Web Site by John Byers (over 1500 HTML files and 3000 images). Site started in February 1996 while I was at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). In January 2002, I moved to the USA and the site was hosted by the USDA-ARS until March 2006 when it was moved to a private domain: