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John A. Byers

GREAT CIRCLE DISTANCES : EARTH.EXE can take files of GPS (global position system) latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes, seconds and convert these to distance on the surface of the earth between two such points, or from a central point to many surrounding. Nearest neighbors can be determined as well as distances sorted. 326 World cities can also be compared for 52975 combinations of distances between pairs.
Download: EARTH.EXE 146K
You may also like to see the JavaScript program World Distances on the web.
Some researchers have wanted a list of all combinations of distances between all cities, or a list of all cities' latitudes and longitudes. Therefore, I made EARTH-Z.EXE to create files of these lists. Download: EARTH-Z.EXE 65K
Computer Image Conversion:
Clerid eating Tomicus
*.PCX to QuickBASIC - Comput. Appl. Biosci. (1996) 12:185-189. Download: PCX.ZIP 70K
CZ-SOUND.EXE - some insect and bird sounds plus rain dripping and wind whistling. The sounds are continuous and are used to either fool a relative or friend (crickets) or to relax with (crickets, frog, sparrow, rain drops, wind). All sounds are made with QuickBASIC so no sound card is needed. Download: CZ-SOUND.ZIP 46K

MUSAK.EXE MUSAK.EXE (Sound Blaster): - Ok, so you aren't impressed with the BASIC sounds above? MUSAK.EXE will play some random music on your Sound Blaster compatible card (if you have one). There are two versions of what I call "good music" that is sometimes pleasant to listen to, 2 versions of "bonker/chime" music, and one radiowave wierdo sounds - all accompanied with some visually stimulating random-moving line art, which together give quite an effect (if I don't say so myself). However, MUSAK.EXE will not work in Windows NT/2000, only in Windows 95/98 (in DOS shell). Download: MUSAK.EXE 50K ... Test ?

REMIND.EXE Opening Screen Reminder of important date: REMIND.EXE is a reminder that shows large text about some past or future date, as seen at left in the 50% reduced image of the computer VGA screen. The Day of the week is shown along with the current time - this is to let you verify that your computer's clock and calendar are correct (you must check this independantly). I have found that one of my computers loses time and finally reports the wrong date if left off for over a week. This is serious if I make changes to a file on this computer and the file is given an older, incorrect date which is older than a copy of the file on another computer. Then if I try to update both copies with a program (e.g. Laplink) that always copies the newest file to the older file, the actually newer copy with the current changes, but older date, will be overwritten by the older copy, but newer date. The number of days until the event are shown, or the number of days after the event, whichever is appropriate. The event is also shown, and this can be edited at any time. Put the path to REMIND.EXE, e.g., c:\basic\remind.exe in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and the program will be run in DOS or Windows 95/98 on start up. Download: REMIND.ZIP 39K

Print a Diary Calendar: DATE-CAL.EXE is a program that you input the starting month, year, and number of months (2 months per page) in order to print a calendar where you write the significant happenings of your life during the year (diary). My Dad (85 years old) really likes this and it is simple enough that he could manage to use it, but he prefers to have me print up a new calendar each year. My sister needed to do this and so I thought why not just put it on the web. You need an HP printer or compatible to print the calendars. It works through the year 2080, long after you or I need it. Also, there probably won't be DOS/IBM-compatible computers at that time except in museums or antique collections. Download: DATE-CAL.EXE 137K

SPEED.EXE Speed-Test your Computer: SPEED.EXE - This program will test the speed of your video card, math coprocessor, and main processor. The speeds can be compared to those I've found on a 386-33 MHz, 486-100 MHz, and Pentium-233 MHz. Also, in 1996, INTEL shipped some Pentium chips that had a bug in the math coprocessor. If you have an older computer with a Pentium chip, then you might want to check this. In practice, this bug is almost never a problem, unless you do millions of math calculations such as in simulations. Download: SPEED.ZIP 49K

Byers Fractals Fractal Screen Saver - SS.EXE - Any of 11 screen saver programs are run at random: 6 are random fractals types, one is a line-kalidoscope, another pretends to list BASIC code "ad infinitum", one shows Lorenze attractors, and still another Lissajou geometric designs. The main function, however, is to let you have a password as many screen savers do (you choose password, so don't forget, but you can erase file that stores the password). A readme file is included to explain where the password is stored. Anyone who presses a key while the screen saver is running will be asked for the password, but if they fail within 30 seconds, then this failure is recorded by date and time to let you know that someone attempted to tamper with your computer while you were out. When the correct password is finally entered by you, for example after you return to your desk, then any attempted intrusions are displayed - this is for those of you who are worried about snooping people and want to know if your paranoia is justified. Download: SS.ZIP 57K

New York at night "Screen Saver" - NEW-YORK.EXE - Running this program shows a VGA picture (640x480) of New York City at night, and lights blink on and off in the distance - looks pretty nice in a dark room - You don't have to have a penthouse window! - although that would be better (believe it or not). The image is self-contained in the program. Download: NEW-YORK.ZIP 149K

LOGO.SYS opening for Windows 95 Norwegian fjord opening image in Windows 95: - Unzip WINLOGO.ZIP and put LOGO.SYS in your root directory (usually C:) to start up with this picture in Windows 95. No difference in startup times. Uninstall if you want by simply removing LOGO.SYS from the root directory. This is just a bitmapped image so it can not do anything but be loaded. Or you can use LOGOSYS.EXE and 9 nature images (Norway, Sweden, USA, France) that will rotate and show one of the nine each time you start Windows. Download: WINLOGO.ZIP 818K

Software for DOS/Windows 3.1/95/2000/XP (not VISTA). The ZIP files must be unzipped before use.
To uncompress *.ZIP files you must have PKUNZIP.EXE or UNZIP.EXE. After downloading you must be in DOS and type:
pkunzip geo-card.zip
or whatever the name is. Download: PKUNZIP.EXE 29K - or you may download my general setup program JB-SETUP.EXE 50K which will install any of the program systems here.
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